Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Overseas Chorus] Servant of Evil Classical Chorus


omg thanks to Yui for organizing and putting it all together and thank all of the other vocalist for singing with me XD

I'm MiYuki in the chorus.

Original by Kagamine Len.
Composer - mothy / AkunoP

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aku no musume -velvet mix- UST

Nami-chan is done with it 0_o
She's fast lol.

Here if you wanna use, but in Nami's version it's a bit weird at the back I dunno why.
If I manage to correct it I will reupload it.


I'm too lazy to do anything with this blog at the moment >_>
Yuki and Rei might take a while to complete since I'm busy

I made a Daughter of Evil (aku no musume) -velvet mix- .ust for a friend, I'll post the link here for whoever who wants to use it after she's done with it XD
Since it was made for her, it should be fair she gets to use it first.

I have a pic of Rei and Yuki (but it's uncoloured) but I don't think I know how to post it here >_<
I don't have time to test around the blog now.

I'll brush up this blog when I'm more free and hopefully soon I'd finish with Yuki and Rei ;D
Will post their voice bank downloads, pictures and profiles once I'm done with it.