Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some songs by Rei & planned release

Rei still needs fixing but at the same time he can sing XD; I couldn't resist making him sing a few of the songs I like.

I'm planning to finish Yuki and Rei in late December :)

Matryoshka - Daisanne Rei & Ikune Ren. I'm planning to make a trio with these two and Len though, and make them take turns singing coz now Gumi's part is just harmony. Rei's singing Miku's part and Ren Gumi's.

Mosaic Roll - Daisanne Rei

Golden Time Lover - Daisanne Rei and Keine Ron.

Tsugai Kogarashi - Hinagiku & Daisanne Rei. I like making my UTAUloids sing with others lol. Greta (Hinagiku's creator and voicer) collabed with me and did the mixing.

When I've completed their vb I might remake some of them. Currently busy so will probably make videos for the songs when I have more time.
I also made Hoshine Stella sing Mosaic Roll and RonXMidori Cendrillion.

Some Artwork by me and others

This is a picture of both Rei and Yuki I drew and coloured with colour pencils ^^
Their colours are not exact though because I don't have the right shades. (Rei's hair especially...)

And this one's cg. My tablet's not fixed yet so no lineart coz even colouring I take such a long time using mouse. It's actually for a chorus I sang in.

And there are some other pics of them drawn by my friends too <3 Thank you all!

Yuki by Nami-sis~ She was drawing a whole set and I requested for this...

Yuki by Megami-sis <3 She drew this for my birthday last year ;__;

Rei drawn by Rikaga :D she's the first to draw him (other than me lol)

I drew this since me and Greta make Rei and Hinagiku sing Tsugai. (lol I just like to make him sing with other UTAUloids <3) She linearted it and coloured it. ^^

EDIT: Just when I finished posting on this blog, Chalisca posted a doodle of Yuki ^^