Sunday, March 6, 2011

Off Limits (Toosenbo)

This would be the first cover I uploaded for Rei orz.

Tsugai Kogarashi

Greta (Hinagiku's voicer & creator) collabed with me to make Hinagiku & Rei sing this song XD
This is done using Hina & Rei's old versions of their voice bank.

Grayzone Wo Uchinuite

グレイゾーンを撃ち抜いて (Shoot through Grayzone) from Galaxy Angel.
Soro-sis made the ust for this song and made Yuki sing it ;w; thanks a lot~

Division → Destruction of Malaysian UTAUloid

NamieyXcarletLaytis made a chorus using Malaysian UTAUloids & used Yuki for the CORE part ^^
I like the drawing very much, thanks for using her!

The Confusion of Oruganne Yuki (Hatsune Miku)

Ta made Yuki sing this fast song & drew a really nice cover for it too :) thanks~!