Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some songs by Rei & planned release

Rei still needs fixing but at the same time he can sing XD; I couldn't resist making him sing a few of the songs I like.

I'm planning to finish Yuki and Rei in late December :)

Matryoshka - Daisanne Rei & Ikune Ren. I'm planning to make a trio with these two and Len though, and make them take turns singing coz now Gumi's part is just harmony. Rei's singing Miku's part and Ren Gumi's.

Mosaic Roll - Daisanne Rei

Golden Time Lover - Daisanne Rei and Keine Ron.

Tsugai Kogarashi - Hinagiku & Daisanne Rei. I like making my UTAUloids sing with others lol. Greta (Hinagiku's creator and voicer) collabed with me and did the mixing.

When I've completed their vb I might remake some of them. Currently busy so will probably make videos for the songs when I have more time.
I also made Hoshine Stella sing Mosaic Roll and RonXMidori Cendrillion.

Some Artwork by me and others

This is a picture of both Rei and Yuki I drew and coloured with colour pencils ^^
Their colours are not exact though because I don't have the right shades. (Rei's hair especially...)

And this one's cg. My tablet's not fixed yet so no lineart coz even colouring I take such a long time using mouse. It's actually for a chorus I sang in.

And there are some other pics of them drawn by my friends too <3 Thank you all!

Yuki by Nami-sis~ She was drawing a whole set and I requested for this...

Yuki by Megami-sis <3 She drew this for my birthday last year ;__;

Rei drawn by Rikaga :D she's the first to draw him (other than me lol)

I drew this since me and Greta make Rei and Hinagiku sing Tsugai. (lol I just like to make him sing with other UTAUloids <3) She linearted it and coloured it. ^^

EDIT: Just when I finished posting on this blog, Chalisca posted a doodle of Yuki ^^

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Edited YurahonyaP's Cantarella .ust

moved pitch to KAITO's original range.
Hopefully it's correct.
I'm a fail musician eventhough I've learned music for so long.

Make sure use the correct lower instrumental or else it'll sound a bit weird...

EDIT: I asked Yurahonya whether I can share this with the public and awaiting her reply. If she answer yes I will post at Vocalchu but if not then I will remove.

I edited it for Nami-sis and at the same time for myself I guess ^^"
Rei's debut song will be Cantarella since it's the first song I made him sing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fate Rebirth by Ren, Rei and Ron

lol 3Rs These are the guys I have on my computer now.
I finished editing Rei's .oto ini but I still have re-record some of the words for Rei and he's still missing some words (luckily this song he doesn't need those words)

I think I'll remake Rei's part when I fix him.

Also I'd like to give big thanks to masao-san for making a program to alias Rei just because I was having problems with it ;__;

And to Nami, who has helped me a lot with UTAU from the day I downloaded UTAU till my Utauloids could sing~

Yesi for making a tutorial on how to edit .oto ini
Feli, Misha and my other friends on twitter that helped me when I had problems.

Without them I don't think Rei could even speak.

Here's the song

Original - Gackpo (Ikune Ren), KAITO (Keine Ron), Kagamine Len (Daisanne Rei)

Not the best song to display Rei's voice but well, I guess this shows he can sing all those high notes haha.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


After seeing my friends make new appends and acts for their Utauloids I really wanna finish mine fast XD But of course I can't "orz

Anyways, today I'm in an unsingable mode and I can't sing properly. I can't even reach those high notes that are actually in my range. >_>

I opened UTAU and played around it a bit lol.

Rei sounds ok, he can sing both high and low XD just need to finish recording some missing syllabus and some that needs fixing and play with his .oto ini "orz *so lazy*

Yuki on the other hand...I tried recording just now, but the first one i did made Yuki sound very calm n gentle (matured?) and the second time she sounded cute "orz a bit like Nami + Ritsu? idk ^^" She doesn't sound like me and her voice is too weak.

Previously I have recorded some of her syllabus, but she sounded too sharp... I dunno how to record nicely =="

Why is it harder for me to voice Yuki than Rei? >_>

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oruganne Yuki & Daisanne Rei details.

-To be edited in the future-
This is all I can think of now, so I might still edit it next time. ^^"
So here's what I have for now.

Name : オルガンネ ユキ – Oruganne Yuki
オルガンネ(Oruganne; Organ Sound) –Her design is a bit based on an organ. She likes playing the organ.
ユキ (Yuki; Snow) – She loves snow
Model: MVS-06

Age : 16
Hair Color : Black with 4 blue highlights. (2 on her ‘tail’)
Eye color : Black
Height : 162 cm
Character Item : File (where she keeps music scores and art), White Peach
Date of Birth : 27th December 199X (follow creator's birthday)
*Released date :
Year created: 2009

Description :
Oruganne Yuki is created based on myself, Hikari Miyuki from Malaysia. She was created to be my Vocaloid-Self. I still use her as my singing icon under the name MiYuki, but I decided to give her an UTAU voice as well.

Yuki is shy and quiet towards strangers or new people but opens up more with friends. She likes to sing in a choir and group. She also loves to draw and play her organ. She’s quite a slow worker. Sometimes when she feels sad or pain, she would put on a fake smile to not let others worry about her. However, sometimes these feelings show in her singing, but not very noticeable to others. She’s always afraid if she hurt any of her friends unknowingly.

Name : 第三音レイ- Daisanne Rei
第三音(Daisanne; Third Sound) - The third voice from voice source. (Yuki has two voices)
レイ (Rei; Zero)
Model: MU-08

Age : 16
Hair Color : Tea green (His hair is long enough to be tied in a small ponytail)
Eye color : Mint green.
*Height : 173 cm
Character Item : Tea
Date of Birth : 27th January 199X (the day he started to sing)
*Released date :
Year created: 2009

Yuki’s close friend. Opposite to Yuki, he's good at comforting others. He’s quite good sports, but he prefers less physical activities. He’s quite mature for his age and is very calm. However, he's quite blur and sometimes dense. He’s often teased by other Utauloids (for fun), especially about him drinking so much tea. Sometimes he has to make sure Yuki finishes her works as she is a slow worker. He prefers calm and quiet places. He doesn’t like to tie his hair.

Description : I created Daisanne Rei because I wanted to create my own male Utauloid to try voice casting him. His voice source came from me, Hikari Miyuki (girl).

Temporary picture -

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Been busy...

Been busy and will be even more busy soon DX
I don't even have time to play around this blog's design.
Planned on finishing Rei and Yuki this holidays, but the projects occupied my time.

On other news,

1. I'm glad that ppl use my ust ^^ Glad that my ust is not a failure haha.
2. I did another duet with Nami, (Kokoro Kiseki) but it's not done yet. I have to fix our first duet first (Magnet) so I won't post it here yet.
3. I actually posted a small sample of Rei some time ago ^^"
4. I'm going to post the Servant of Evil chorus in Nico Nico Douga, but I haven't heard from Yui for a long time about it...
5. Can't make videos due to WMM problem....
6. I'm also planning to make a choir version of Dance Site of Darkness, but we'll see if time and ability lets me do it ^^"

Nami and my WIP kokoro X kokoro kiseki -

Daisanne Rei sample -

That's all for now I guess.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Overseas Chorus] Servant of Evil Classical Chorus


omg thanks to Yui for organizing and putting it all together and thank all of the other vocalist for singing with me XD

I'm MiYuki in the chorus.

Original by Kagamine Len.
Composer - mothy / AkunoP

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aku no musume -velvet mix- UST

Nami-chan is done with it 0_o
She's fast lol.

Here if you wanna use, but in Nami's version it's a bit weird at the back I dunno why.
If I manage to correct it I will reupload it.


I'm too lazy to do anything with this blog at the moment >_>
Yuki and Rei might take a while to complete since I'm busy

I made a Daughter of Evil (aku no musume) -velvet mix- .ust for a friend, I'll post the link here for whoever who wants to use it after she's done with it XD
Since it was made for her, it should be fair she gets to use it first.

I have a pic of Rei and Yuki (but it's uncoloured) but I don't think I know how to post it here >_<
I don't have time to test around the blog now.

I'll brush up this blog when I'm more free and hopefully soon I'd finish with Yuki and Rei ;D
Will post their voice bank downloads, pictures and profiles once I'm done with it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This blog is still under construction.

I am going to post up my UTAUloids' (Rei and Yuki) voice bank downloads here when they're done.
I will also post up any videos of them singing,
and also my own singing (under the singing name MiYuki and Oruganne Yuki as my Voca-self avatar)