Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brella - Yusune Yoru feat. Oruganne Yuki

Duet request from AsahinaYoko~
she did the mixing.

Nami helped me upload to nico nico since mine was giving me problems orz

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Artwork 2

Besides videos I'll also share some pictures of them that I find, mostly from DeviantArt and Pixiv :)

I'll just post links where the artists uploaded the artwork here instead of posting the pictures directly as some artists might not like that.

Artwork found in DeviantArt


Team Taiko UTAU by Najwah-Namine

Puella Magica Parody by Atlas-Kei

Peace by naznaz95 (request from aeruko)

Nami's first Anniversary by Najwah-Namine

AD parody by Tai-Soro

Doll by Tai-Soro


OOC Host Club by PandaLolii

3R by CroceSorriso

POKOK TRIO by Aeruko

Rei by Aeruko

Journey at Dusk by AkiGlancy


Doodle by Tai-Soro

Nobility by Tai-Soro

Artwork from pixiv

Keiko, Nami and Yuki by オーバーボディ

Rei by Aya (crocesorrisso from DA)

[MiYuki] - Little Traveller Chorus

ahh I sang in this chorus quite some time ago but I haven't posted it in this blog ^^;

[HANASU] - Black hair issues

Video by
Original illustration/idea by HazelRuko (DeviantArt)

Yuki doesn't talk there but she appears there XD
It's in Malay language though, it being Malaysia's national language.
The original (english) illustration can be seen here http://hazelruko.deviantart.com/art/No-title-205988308

Ah, It's a wonderful cat life - Toune Rui feat. Oruganne Yuki


Juvenil - Harune Tsubomi feat. Daisanne Rei


Harvest - Toune Rui feat. Oruganne Yuki

by <3
this is one of my favorite covers ^^

Matryoshka - Chikune Kenta feat. Daisanne Rei

by (youtube)


Ahh I haven't updated this blog since forever orz
Anyways, here are some choruses that Yuki got used in =)

Secret Police 秘密警察



And here's Rei's.

Secret Afterschool
this cover got me laughing though :'D

Imitation Black (chorus of 6)