Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Edited YurahonyaP's Cantarella .ust

moved pitch to KAITO's original range.
Hopefully it's correct.
I'm a fail musician eventhough I've learned music for so long.

Make sure use the correct lower instrumental or else it'll sound a bit weird...


EDIT: I asked Yurahonya whether I can share this with the public and awaiting her reply. If she answer yes I will post at Vocalchu but if not then I will remove.

I edited it for Nami-sis and at the same time for myself I guess ^^"
Rei's debut song will be Cantarella since it's the first song I made him sing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fate Rebirth by Ren, Rei and Ron

lol 3Rs These are the guys I have on my computer now.
I finished editing Rei's .oto ini but I still have re-record some of the words for Rei and he's still missing some words (luckily this song he doesn't need those words)

I think I'll remake Rei's part when I fix him.

Also I'd like to give big thanks to masao-san for making a program to alias Rei just because I was having problems with it ;__;

And to Nami, who has helped me a lot with UTAU from the day I downloaded UTAU till my Utauloids could sing~

Yesi for making a tutorial on how to edit .oto ini
Feli, Misha and my other friends on twitter that helped me when I had problems.

Without them I don't think Rei could even speak.

Here's the song

Original - Gackpo (Ikune Ren), KAITO (Keine Ron), Kagamine Len (Daisanne Rei)

Not the best song to display Rei's voice but well, I guess this shows he can sing all those high notes haha.