Wednesday, November 2, 2011

【UTAU】"A Born Coward" / 天ノ弱 【 Daisanne Rei 】

【MMD+UTAU】BREEZE 【Yurika Sayu feat. Matsuda Poiyo, Oruganne Yuki】

【UTAU Chorus】Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~【10 Malaysian UTAUloids】

by 188Aiko

Yuki in there =)

Dreaming Leaf - Oruganne Yuki

masao-san made her sing this right after her release XD; been almost one year without the vid >3>;

Eternal Force Blizzard [7 UTAU CHORUS]

by animaniacgil

Rei was used in here =)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sakura Ne - Injune Midori & Daisanne Rei

Made these two a cover XD
Rei sees Midori as a senior figure. greeeeeen

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UPDATE - Daisanne Rei ACT1

I've updated his oto.ini, readme and image for his ACT1 links below and also at the side of the blog -->

The link to his ACT1 is now the updated vb.

For those who downloaded his ACT1 before 10/10/2011 might want to download his updated file - just replace the files in his previous voice bank.


Erase or Zero - Daisanne Rei & Toune Rui

by <3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ah, It's a wonderful cat life - Daisanne Rei & Yuki Tenshi


ReAct - Oruganne Yuki, Toune Rui, Kazune Kazumi


【MMD】 Nami's birthday

It was Nami's (Utaune Nami's creator) birthday on the 4th of September so AsahinaYoko made a MMD video for her. Yuki's model was used as well.

happy birthday Nami.

Friday, September 2, 2011

[MMD] Colourful x Melody - Utaune Nami & Oruganne Yuki

Another MMD vid~
Been wanting to make Yuki duet with Nami =)
Nami's creator is a close friend of mine and she's the one who has brought me into utau and continued to help me along the way ;u;

[MMD] Happy Synthesizer - Mamene Koyo & Oruganne Yuki

I made the camera motion for this vid, turns out it isn't that hard to make camera motions XD

MMD - Lat Oruganne Yuki

MMD newcomer finally got a model for Yuki XD
details/preview here:

Download can be found on DeviantArt or at the side of this blog -->

Hirari Hirari - Oruganne Yuki


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brella - Yusune Yoru feat. Oruganne Yuki

Duet request from AsahinaYoko~
she did the mixing.

Nami helped me upload to nico nico since mine was giving me problems orz

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Artwork 2

Besides videos I'll also share some pictures of them that I find, mostly from DeviantArt and Pixiv :)

I'll just post links where the artists uploaded the artwork here instead of posting the pictures directly as some artists might not like that.

Artwork found in DeviantArt


Team Taiko UTAU by Najwah-Namine

Puella Magica Parody by Atlas-Kei

Peace by naznaz95 (request from aeruko)

Nami's first Anniversary by Najwah-Namine

AD parody by Tai-Soro

Doll by Tai-Soro


OOC Host Club by PandaLolii

3R by CroceSorriso

POKOK TRIO by Aeruko

Rei by Aeruko

Journey at Dusk by AkiGlancy


Doodle by Tai-Soro

Nobility by Tai-Soro

Artwork from pixiv

Keiko, Nami and Yuki by オーバーボディ

Rei by Aya (crocesorrisso from DA)

[MiYuki] - Little Traveller Chorus

ahh I sang in this chorus quite some time ago but I haven't posted it in this blog ^^;

[HANASU] - Black hair issues

Video by
Original illustration/idea by HazelRuko (DeviantArt)

Yuki doesn't talk there but she appears there XD
It's in Malay language though, it being Malaysia's national language.
The original (english) illustration can be seen here

Ah, It's a wonderful cat life - Toune Rui feat. Oruganne Yuki


Juvenil - Harune Tsubomi feat. Daisanne Rei


Harvest - Toune Rui feat. Oruganne Yuki

by <3
this is one of my favorite covers ^^

Matryoshka - Chikune Kenta feat. Daisanne Rei

by (youtube)


Ahh I haven't updated this blog since forever orz
Anyways, here are some choruses that Yuki got used in =)

Secret Police 秘密警察



And here's Rei's.

Secret Afterschool
this cover got me laughing though :'D

Imitation Black (chorus of 6)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Off Limits (Toosenbo)

This would be the first cover I uploaded for Rei orz.

Tsugai Kogarashi

Greta (Hinagiku's voicer & creator) collabed with me to make Hinagiku & Rei sing this song XD
This is done using Hina & Rei's old versions of their voice bank.

Grayzone Wo Uchinuite

グレイゾーンを撃ち抜いて (Shoot through Grayzone) from Galaxy Angel.
Soro-sis made the ust for this song and made Yuki sing it ;w; thanks a lot~

Division → Destruction of Malaysian UTAUloid

NamieyXcarletLaytis made a chorus using Malaysian UTAUloids & used Yuki for the CORE part ^^
I like the drawing very much, thanks for using her!

The Confusion of Oruganne Yuki (Hatsune Miku)

Ta made Yuki sing this fast song & drew a really nice cover for it too :) thanks~!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

31/12/2010 - Released!

Oruganne Yuki & Daisanne Rei have been released!

I did say that I wanted to release them in December XD better late than never.
I've uploaded their voice banks on the 31st but only uploaded their Demo video later.
They didn't come out like I expected though but I'm still an amateur at UTAU ^^;

Here's their DEMO

and on Nico

Their download links will be placed at the side of this blog.

I don't have a full body picture of them as of now, I've drawn Rei's concept art but not Yuki's.
I'll make a new blog post to post drawings when I'm done with Yuki.

If you DL them, I'm very grateful!